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As salaam'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Here are Some of the Most Frequent Questions that may be Asked on Qurantour.com

Q1. What is the Quran ?
A1. The Quran is the Religious Holy Book of Islam, Muslims Believe the Quran to be the Book
of Divine Guidance and Ruling For Mankind And is Considered to be the Final Revelation
of Allah.

Q2. What is the Best Way to View and Play a Surah From the Quran ?
A2 . The Best way to Play A Surah is by Selecting A Surah From the Left of the Page, Allow all the Ayats To Load
Then Click The Green Play Button.

Q3. What do the Numbers on the Left Represent Once A Surah is Playing ?
A3 . The Numbers On The Left Represent the Actual Surah And Ayat Number as in the Quran, For Example
1-2 Represents Surah 1 And Ayat Number 2 In the Quran.



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